How Can I Host A Successful Webinar For Free?

How Can I Host A Successful Webinar For Free?

Webinars (web seminars) are video presentations or lectures presented online. Most frequently, they are business-related and overall they are an extremely collaborative type of marketing that can be used as a relationship-building, or authority-building tactic, or more. There’s really no limit to what webinars can be.

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Apart from that, they are much easier to organize than a common IRL seminar or lecture because you don’t have to book a big space or hold a big crowd of attendees, and yet you can still invite people from all around the world.

For hosting a successful webinar, you must:

Choose the topic, title, and format

Above all and before you make any move, think about what’s the purpose of your webinar, or what purpose you intend it to have.

To sell a product, maybe? To promote a business? The topic is the most important and crucial aspect, but after you have it decided, then look for a title. Try for it to be something with an appeal to the public, and for it to be straight-forward and specific, for people to know what they’re signing up for. As well, clarify if it is a webinar directed for people who have just been introduced to the subject or experts.

As a personal advice, present it all in the shape of a question. “How to grow your online business?”, that sort of thing.

When you’re done with it, then choose for a format that suits your webinar’s the best.

Plan out the content

You have to plan and construct your webinar carefully for it to be engaging from the start. You should make it for it to have just the right amount of content for your audience to absorb without it being boring.


Prepare the equipment and the atmosphere

In advance of you to run a webinar, make sure you have a webcam and a working microphone with settings attuned to the location you’re in. And speaking of which, pick out the scenery for your webinar; it can be your office or even your living room, but look for it to be a professional environment and guarantee nobody disturbs you during the webinar.

To reduce the danger of some miss ups, prove if your Internet connection is steady, and store a fully charged standby laptop within reach.

Go to other webinars before yours

This is sort of looking for inspiration, besides, it’s hard to prepare yourself for something you have never even seen before. Find a few seminars with experienced hosts, take note of everything you find interesting or useful and see how you can implement it in your own webinar.

Program your webinar

As a personal advice, the best time to schedule your webinar is in the middle of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. And also, while you might suppose people would want to attend a webinar in the afternoon when they’re free of work, that’s… not completely true. Some statistics say that people mostly prefer to attend webinars around 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., away enough from lunch hours.


Promote the webinar

To run a webinar, you need people to register for it, and it will not be the content that’ll make them register, but the way you promote the overall event instead.

Fashion an arriving page with an invitation. That will inspire people to sign up. And, on the page, tell the spectators everything they need to know in advance.

First of all, write a short copy explaining the topic; in a few indicators emphasize what the public will take from it. Then, place a signup form where your leads will set down their name and email, and finish it off with a clear CTA button. Just the word “register” is enough.

Prepare yourself

Just like anything, you shouldn’t jump ahead to the action without preparing yourself. Make sure to practice your speech and your domain of the content at hand, and for nothing to go wrong while you manage the equipment, but still try for things to go rather casually when you are presenting the whole thing.

Relax. Breathe. Be yourself. You’ll be fine.

Time to host!

Like I said, breath. Go look for a glass of water and have it within reach, in case you need it. Focus. You prepared yourself for this. You’ll be fine.

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