Webinar Basics – Getting Started With Your First Webinar

Webinar Basics – Getting Started With Your First Webinar

Webinar Advantages

Webinars can be fun and exciting, but more than that they can be a great help to your business.  We will explain many of the different advantages, as well as the reasons why you may want to have webinars.  

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  • They help you expand your database by adding names to your contact list. Each registered person is a new contact.
  • Online seminars authenticate you as a reliable and consistent source of information in your industry.
  • You can see how people are proving to have a curiosity, interest or concern about what you are presenting.
  • Webinars are a “fun” way for you to train and involve your new employees in the business.
  • Every webinar you run offers you numerous branding changes.

Types of webinars by purpose

  • Educational

To perform an educational webinar, it’s best to utilize well-prepared slides or a whiteboard video, as it exploits webinars’ visual abilities.

  • Product webinars

If you have an awesome invention of great products that you want to show a lot of people in a grand event, try for it to be a webinar. You can make a detailed explanation of your product’s purpose or goal and answer their questions. Besides, while educating people on your product, you are already selling it.

  • User onboarding

If what you’re offering is a software, user onboarding is probably the best way to go. Take care that the learning curve is as soft as conceivable by engaging new users to take part in a webinar that you run for newbies on a regular basis, for example, once a month.

  • Employee training and team meetings

Apart from helping you to find business partners, contacts and customers, webinars are a useful and highly effective way to train your own employees.

  • Customer retention and nurturing

And webinars not only serve to attract new people but also to nurture the ones that already are on board with your project. It’s a way to build and strengthen the personal and business relationships that you have. With these types of webinars, you can inform them of your newest products and announcements, and they can ask important questions about upcoming projects.


Types of content for a webinar

  • A slideshow

If the point of your webinar is educating your audience, the web presentation itself must offer associated educational visuals, and this is easily achieved with slideshows. The best way to present things from the start is for the first slide to have the important “technical” info and especially things such as how long will the webinar last, if it will be recorded, etc.

  • Live-video

Producing a webinar in a live-video format is an interesting, personal and human way of constructing close relationships with your customers and partners.

  • Text-chat

It’s a format in which your audience can ask questions and you can answer them in real-time, making them feel seen by you and taken into count.

  • Whiteboard

You can utilize the whiteboard to better picture more intricate subjects. By drawing over charts, images, or mapping out numerous notions from scratch, you can help your spectators follow your thought process.

  • A pre-recorded webinar

If you need to do an online presentation on a particular theme more than once – or perhaps you need to do it on more than just one occasion – you can use a pre-recorded webinar. And this is also a good option if you have a guest speaker who’s incapable to program a meeting around the time that best matches your spectators’.

  • Screen-sharing

When your subject involves explaining some step-by-steps in software or online, the best way to do it is by sharing your desktop. The attendees will be able to see closely what you’re doing and follow along.

  • Polls

A poll is a kind of tool that will offer you and your audience stats and data not accessible anywhere else. You can set it to be anonymous or public, whichever is fine.

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